Jonny Burke grew up playing the bars of the Southwest while still in high school when he formed the now long defunct group the DedRingers.

As a solo artist he has released three full length albums and two EP's over the years while touring every state in the Continental U.S. with the likes of James McMurtry and Turnpike Troubadours.

His long-expected album Behind The Pine Curtain is due sometime in 2022 after a year long stretch in the Texas penal system.

"I've been a fan of Jonny Burke's for a long time now," legendary East Nashville songwriter Todd Snider says. "He has always been able to express what he's been through with a poet's touch. Now he's been through the adventure of a lifetime and has turned it into a major album."

"Jonny is one of the best songwriters around," echoes Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter John Fullbright. "Jonny always has a song that's my new favorite. He's a songwriter's songwriter's songwriter."